Karmic Tarot. 

Sometimes we feel so stuck in a situation. We end up feeling angered. Frustrated and feel that no answer is correct. That no matter how hard we try we end up in circles. 

I believe that your Soul chooses its parent for the purpose of continuing on a Karmic Journey. We have a Karmic contract to fulfil with our Creator. 

This includes crossing paths with kindred  spirits and going through certain relationships where we end up in square one. A Karmic relationship is different from a Soulmate. A Karmic Relationship is something that we have to go through to fulfil a karmic lesson and in turn get steps closer to our higher Souls purpose. 

In an everyday conversation, this sounds weird. This sounds ridiculous, but have you ever had a friendship, business partnership or relationship that just tugs at your soul and no matter how frustrating and wrong it is you give in. 

You know it’s not what you want or need but you feel you have no other choice. You try to understand it and you feel torn? 

Karmic Tarot 

You will need to email one direct question to me and I will look at your Souls destiny and see if this is a Karmic lesson. How to make it work for you, or if you do need to walk away? This will be a 2 page email. The reading can take up to 2 weeks before you receive it. 

Cost : £30 


To do list prior to your appointment. 

hello darlings, 

Thank you for popping over to my blog. Recently I have had a few people call me 10 minutes into their appointment or prior to their appointment to cancel. 

This is Selfish behaviour. Let’s be nice. Practise does indeed make perfect.  

Plan your way to my office. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to find the place if you are unfamiliar. Sometimes your navigation system might not have updated. If you are travelling by car, note that there might be traffic. There might be road works. There might be something or the other. 

If you are travelling by public transport, the 119 brings you right outside of my offices. If in doubt, please contact me. 

By being late, you are cutting into your own appointment time. Unfortunately, I cannot allow other appointments to run late as I work within a business that closes at a certain time. I can therefore not eat into someone else’s time. 

Imagine how you would feel if your session was shortened due to someone else? Therefore let’s be on time. 
Lastly breathe, smile, relax and let me help you make the most out of your life. 
Thank you 


Am I fake? 

I used to be fake. I walked about lying. Pretending. Why? It was just easier. When you are just not ‘feeling it’ and you get those imposing questions asking you ‘how are you?’ What do you do? 

Did the question asked actually want to know that you broke a nil and it hurt. That you had a bad hair day and cried in the toilet! So I lied. I pretended and yes I was fake. 

I then asked myself ‘why?’ For what reason was I removing myself from reality and starting to pretend that I was ok? It was not easy but I started reassessing me. Realising my strengths and figuring out me. 

That was a long time ago and I truly feel so super empowered now. I embrace my emotions. High and low. Yes, if my handbag strap breaks and I feel annoyed. I embrace that! If I wake up to the sound of birds singing outside my window I embrace that. 
This is my reality. 

Embrace your emotions. Own your life. Life is too short to hide how you feel or to not be who you are. 

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Giving Love

Love was probably the first thing I encountered being born. My parents are incredibly loving. But I guess everyone says that about their respective families. My mum has never put me in a naughty corner or used a wooden spoon on me. Was I the perfect daughter.. In a make believe world I like to think I am! 

My dad was generous to all and sundry and treated extended family kids as if they were his own, with love, respect and always lavishing little treats for all. 

Losing my brother Kuben to death recently detracted me away from my ‘love giving’ mode. Only a sibling who truly loves their sibling can relate to my loss. I definitely believe he has gone on to a life hereafter, but living in this physical world no amount of reasoning will heal a sore heart. 

This is my birthday week. I remember growing up and planning my birthday for a year! Do I love getting older? Yes. It makes me wiser and smarter 😉  I have taken a small sabbatical from my column and social media sharing and this being my birthday week, I have returned. 

Which brings me back to the post. The most amazing thing I know of my immediate family is we love to give, love and share. As it is my birthday why not share with you? 

I will be choosing one person to have a spa pamper afternoon. And one person to have a consultation with me. 

I will also select 15 of you to enjoy a special evening with me to celebrate life and love when I am in Durban. 

All you will need to do is share tweet @be_pamperedspa and @mysticsisters with I want #mysticlove and on our Facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/mysticsistersuk 

Thank you for being patient. 



Groupon vouchers 

hello lovely, 

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have a groupon voucher, please email mellissamallaya@hotmail.com. I am unavailable until the 14th April. 

Once the voucher is redeemed, you can book in any time during the year. 

All my love 


Mystic Sisters

Hello my lovely,

A few people have recently bought vouchers and asked me for reviews from previous clients so I thought I would post a few on here. Some of these reviews were inboxes to me. Most however can be found on my page on facebook. Www.facebook.com/mysticsistersuk as well as on my Twitter. @mysticsisters.

Will post a few more later.

Lotsa love

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Mystic Sisters, Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya have become a household name in South Africa and internationally. They are intuitive therapists who have read the palms and cards of stars from Hollywood to Bollywood!

Mystic Sisters was founded by sisters Mellissa & Jayshree Mallaya a decade and a half ago. Their accuracy in readings have profiled them in magazines, newspapers, televions and on radio shows internationally. Mystic Sisters are a household name in South Africa and are quite popular with the Bollywood and Hollywood stars that visit our shores.

Mystic Sisters are based in South Africa and will be setting up in London, United Kingdom. They have been resident hosts of radio shows as well as contributors to magazines and weekly national newspapers. Mellissa will be available for interviews and will consider contributing to various newspapers and glossies in London shortly.
Past Media contributions
-South African The Sunday Tribune. 3 years
– SA India 3 years
– The Post newspaper 1 year
-Dolphin Coast 2 years
– Salt Water girl Magazine 2years
– CHIC Magazine 1 year
-Eastern Express 1 year

Engineering a better future for you, your family and your company!

Wrote a best selling book, Palm Reading and Positive thinking
Living Legend Award -Durban South Africa December 2012

Palm/ Tarot/ Karmic Soul readings Corporate restructuring/ Team motivation 1 on 1. Telephonic and skype consultations.

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Menu of Services

Palm Reading 30 minutes £50
Palm Reading 1hour £90
Palm & Tarot Reading 1hour £110

Intuitive Life coaching £200 –3 month course which includes a 25 minute consultation each month and a 10 minute bespoke life planning each week.

Karmic Soul Reading £180

a reading that is presented in a folder. This is an intense reading which shows you the lessons that your soul has to go through and your souls purpose.

Intuitive Image Consulting £200
4 hours where we would work on your life path, purpose, colours and styles that suit you based on your souls purpose. Includes a consultation and tea.
Im Single! and Hen Parties POA

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