It’s ok to not be ok.

If a child confided her problems to you. Would you be unkind? Would you reprimand the child? Would you blame her for being foolish, vulnerable, trusting?

You would offer comfort, love, a hug and speak kindly. You would say ‘it’s ok, you will be ok.’ You would try to offer a solution.

Speak kindly to yourself. Sometimes we trust in people who wear lambs clothing. We invest our time and energy into relationships hoping our partner, friend, family members ‘changes’

You need to take back your strength. When we speak unkindly to ourselves, we are breaking ourselves down in so many ways. Building yourself up therefore seems impossible.

Take some time out each day to remind yourself how amazing you are. Swim in the little and big successes you have had. Speak to your inner child and let him/her know that everything will be ok. That you have faltered but you will be back on track again.

All my love,


Please feel free to share. You never know who may need to read this.

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