Moonlight Tonight

Woohoo! We have a beautiful moon tonight. Wether you see it as blue/lunar or blood moon, this amazing and rare moon will be sending such amazing energy.

This is the first blue moon of this year. The second being in March.

A few tips to enjoy some of the amazing benefits of this moon.

Take out your crystals and let them reenergise their energy. Leave them outside or on window sill. The beautiful moon will do all the hard work for you by cleansing and reenergising your precious crystals.

Write a letter to yourself outlining what you would like to achieve this year. Be as open and honest with yourself. Speak then out. Tell yourself that you have that power to achieve it. Don’t feel afraid of your abilities and previous disappointments. Open this at the end of the year.

Relook at your plans for this year. If you have made New Years resolutions, check them and be more optimistic about sticking to them. Feel confident that you will be able to awaken your passions.

If you own a deck of tarot cards or angel cards. Do a 3 card reading for yourself. Reenergise your deck. Keep your cards in your windowsill.

Have a fab evening



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