Too busy 

Recently I have met so many people who say I am ‘too busy’.  To me this does not bode well. 

When we become too busy and find it fashionable to be busy, are we in fact misleading us about our lives? 

Our body and mind matters more than you realize. Take time in the morning to have a cup of tea. To stand outside and breathe in fresh air. To look at old pictures in the evening and remind yourself how many awesome moments and memories you have created. 

Look at your week. Have you made time for you to try something new? Sometimes something new does not need to cost a fortune. Are we comfortable and happy when we find excuses and complaints? 

That 5 minutes you spend on social media, could me 5 minutes you sit down learn a new word or a foreign phrase. 

There is no one with a magic wand waiting to sprinkle fairy dust on you. If you have settled into being a complainer who prefers to be busy doing nothing,  no one can help you. As the saying goes, ‘only a fool would value someone more than that someone values themselves. ‘ 

I ask you. This week be ‘unbusy’ make time to focus on you. Put your social media aside for a bit. Your life is happening whilst you are being busy doing nothing. 

You are ‘busy’ ‘liking’ stuff online whilst the rest of the world is living life offline. 

You have what it takes. Get out there and make it work!!!