Time to talk

That moment when you feel your head buzzing. You can’t quite think of what you need to think.

You try to rationalize with yourself. Your mind feels torn and you feel in a boxing ring. Your rationale and emotional thoughts having knockout rounds.

You can’t fall asleep. You wake feel tired. Your hair is a mess and having a warm cup of tea is tasteless. You put on that robotic smile and pull on something to wear. It’s clean and pressed so it will do.

Putting on a smile seems so hard. You walk by people, they look so happy. Effortless. You cry within. Your soul feels traumatized. But you need the job. You need the money. You keep telling yourself that. You hate yourself for needing it. But you do.

You go into work.

You function.

You have become someone who is a functional depressive.

You plough through the day. Struggling to hear what people are saying. Trying to focus. Can no one see how you are feeling?

Someone notices you and asks “are you ok?”

You nod. Half smile and reply “I’m ok, had a late night”.

You are functional.

You get on a train. People look in your direction. Some stare. You feel perhaps they can see what you are thinking. You look away and feel a dose of nervousness. Your chest feels weird. You feel impatient.

You need toiletries. You head to the shops.

You function.

You head home. Get into the bed. Shopping in the bag still. You feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. You eat because you have to. You question your existence.

Your mum calls you.

You function.

She asks how you are doing. You reply that you are fine and had a long day.

You lie.

You feel miserable and wonder if anyone cares. Then you tell yourself that you are strong. You feel naked for crying. You go into social media and like a few pictures and posts. You feel like a society reject.

You function.

You are amazing. The fact that you got through the day is enough. Don’t chide yourself.

In the past year on my Facebook live videos I have been banging on about mental health and finding wellness. It’s not a fad. It’s real and it is personal.

You function. But life is more than about functioning , it is about living it and loving it.

It is about you enjoying being you. About having a spring in your step and love ❤️ in your heart.

There is always someone willing to listen. However, if you do not listen to yourself, no one will really listen to you.

It starts with you.

Tips to heal your mind and soul.

You are enough. Understand that.

The past is the past. Accept that.

Everyday is a day to get life in the shape you want it. Feel that.

Friendships are two sided, and it is ok to share. Trust that.

Nothing is set in stone. Believe that.

You have the power within to improve your power on the outside. Search for that.

You are the love you are searching for. Embrace that.

You are valued. You are you, unique, brave and loved.

Whatever feels like the end, is not. Do not give in to it. You are so much and more. Trust it.


21 thoughts on “Time to talk

  1. Wow! That was so uplifting! You wouldn’t believe how much I needed to read something like that today! Thank you Mystic Sisters. Met you both at Suncoast Pyschic fairs over the years. You both are amazing strong woman and truly inspiring. What you’ll do for others is a blessing to you both. ❤️😘🤗👏🙏

  2. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  3. Incredibly inspiring! There’s so many things you mention at the end of the article that so people need to hear! I really like the phrase ‘functional depressive’ because it really explains the misconception of what it’s like to have depression.

  4. In the past, I have struggled with the same predicament. Thankfully, with God;s grace and my own personal decision to get out of the rut, I have been better. And I feel good.

  5. This is such a beautiful reminder that everyone matters, and that we are enough. We often forget that especially when life comes in the way. Love all that you said in that last bit.

  6. Very nice quotes you have here for sure; I’m getting inspired no doubt. It is true that the strongest are those who fight battles that others do not know of at all. The power to improve truly lies within us. Very powerful read this is!

  7. This was a post I really related too. I think e have all been there, with inner things going on that we don’t want to share with others. We learn how to lie and fake our way through it. However, if this becomes your life then you are neglecting what matters most.

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