What’s up?

Recently, and especially with the festive season, jingle bells et al, a large portion of my clients have been feeling blah. 

That weird feeling, neither here nor there or as my aunt would say not sure ‘whether you are Arthur or Martha!’ We all feel blah. It’s natural. There is a little box within us that want things to feel ideal, smooth, happy. We just sometimes don’t have the energy for it. 

You are happy. You just don’t realise it. As much as you can be sad you can be happy. That darn effort to feel it however just feels like too much. So we end up feeling Blah and can slip into feeling irritable, moody, angry, bitter. Basically as long as we leave it to fester we end up feeling like a bitter complaining cow. 

My steps are easy to kick this blah! 

Make a list of everything you need to get done. Go out to a coffee shop and sit with your list. Fresh air and a change of scenery is bonus points for your soul. 

Don’t procrastinate. Make that date with yourself and plan to meet a friend or someone you love just after. This will give you the incentive to get going! 

Have your vitamin levels checked. With busy lifestyles and when we encounter stress and trauma, our energy levels take a hit. Who knows the Dr might be a hottie, if that fails, your nutrition will thank you later for taking an interest in it. 

Get moving! Dancing, jump parks, dance classes or a good night out with friends. Awaken your adrenaline and let your soul feel on fire. 

Blag it!!! Smile. It becomes contagious. People become more receptive of you and you increase the positive aura around you. Nobody wants to initiate a conversation with a nagging bitter person. 

Apologise! Sometimes we hurt someone’s feelings and we are left with the residue of being a big old meanie. Get it off your chest. Saying sorry won’t kill you. It would actually help delete a few notches of stress. 

Focus on you! Yes, you. Dress up. Look great. Not for anyone but for yourself. If you look like you can’t be bothered with yourself. You then put the question out there. Why should anyone else be bothered with you? You are unique. Embrace it! 

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Everyone is awesome in our own way. We are all diamonds. Some shine brighter because they make a teensy more effort. Stop focusing on fixing the world, your partner, family etc one day a week and put that energy on fixing yourself. 
Don’t kill yourself over a relationship that’s ended. No man nor woman is worth dying for! 

And lastly, be grateful that you are you. Each day, someone out there thinks about you and smiles. They feel grateful for you. Feel grateful for being you. 

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