Karmic Tarot. 

Sometimes we feel so stuck in a situation. We end up feeling angered. Frustrated and feel that no answer is correct. That no matter how hard we try we end up in circles. 

I believe that your Soul chooses its parent for the purpose of continuing on a Karmic Journey. We have a Karmic contract to fulfil with our Creator. 

This includes crossing paths with kindred  spirits and going through certain relationships where we end up in square one. A Karmic relationship is different from a Soulmate. A Karmic Relationship is something that we have to go through to fulfil a karmic lesson and in turn get steps closer to our higher Souls purpose. 

In an everyday conversation, this sounds weird. This sounds ridiculous, but have you ever had a friendship, business partnership or relationship that just tugs at your soul and no matter how frustrating and wrong it is you give in. 

You know it’s not what you want or need but you feel you have no other choice. You try to understand it and you feel torn? 

Karmic Tarot 

You will need to email one direct question to me and I will look at your Souls destiny and see if this is a Karmic lesson. How to make it work for you, or if you do need to walk away? This will be a 2 page email. The reading can take up to 2 weeks before you receive it. 

Cost : £30