Am I fake? 

I used to be fake. I walked about lying. Pretending. Why? It was just easier. When you are just not ‘feeling it’ and you get those imposing questions asking you ‘how are you?’ What do you do? 

Did the question asked actually want to know that you broke a nil and it hurt. That you had a bad hair day and cried in the toilet! So I lied. I pretended and yes I was fake. 

I then asked myself ‘why?’ For what reason was I removing myself from reality and starting to pretend that I was ok? It was not easy but I started reassessing me. Realising my strengths and figuring out me. 

That was a long time ago and I truly feel so super empowered now. I embrace my emotions. High and low. Yes, if my handbag strap breaks and I feel annoyed. I embrace that! If I wake up to the sound of birds singing outside my window I embrace that. 
This is my reality. 

Embrace your emotions. Own your life. Life is too short to hide how you feel or to not be who you are. 

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