Giving Love

Love was probably the first thing I encountered being born. My parents are incredibly loving. But I guess everyone says that about their respective families. My mum has never put me in a naughty corner or used a wooden spoon on me. Was I the perfect daughter.. In a make believe world I like to think I am! 

My dad was generous to all and sundry and treated extended family kids as if they were his own, with love, respect and always lavishing little treats for all. 

Losing my brother Kuben to death recently detracted me away from my ‘love giving’ mode. Only a sibling who truly loves their sibling can relate to my loss. I definitely believe he has gone on to a life hereafter, but living in this physical world no amount of reasoning will heal a sore heart. 

This is my birthday week. I remember growing up and planning my birthday for a year! Do I love getting older? Yes. It makes me wiser and smarter 😉  I have taken a small sabbatical from my column and social media sharing and this being my birthday week, I have returned. 

Which brings me back to the post. The most amazing thing I know of my immediate family is we love to give, love and share. As it is my birthday why not share with you? 

I will be choosing one person to have a spa pamper afternoon. And one person to have a consultation with me. 

I will also select 15 of you to enjoy a special evening with me to celebrate life and love when I am in Durban. 

All you will need to do is share tweet @be_pamperedspa and @mysticsisters with I want #mysticlove and on our Facebook pages 

Thank you for being patient.