Winter Skin

Living in London has been quite exciting and challenging. There are a few things I love in life, my family, my man, high, heels, the finer things, excitement and challenges.One of the challenges I was not completely prepared for however was the efect of the water and weather on my skin.

Now if like me you love toughing your skin daily to ensure its silky soft, this is a huuuuge challenge. Off to Boots I head to make sure I get my skin on track. I probably tried soon many products that ‘hydrate, nourish etc blah blah blah and my purse was as annoyed as my face!

looking in the mirror, I could possibly fry a samosa on my face with all the oiliness left behind.

Going back to my roots, I called my sister in South Africa and got some Environ products! Thank you. Amazing. Love it. Clean, soft skin. my days seem so much fresher!


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