Overthinking. Ways to let go.

Hello my lovelies. Hope you are all ready for some rest this weekend? What do you do to rest your mind?

Overthinking. How does it impact us? When we think a lot, it can sometimes be so useful. This however is if we are thinking of something and coming up with solutions. When we think the joy out of something we train our mind to become slightly paranoid.

This is unhealthy. We dive past a solution and bulldoze directly from one negative place to another.

How are you going to clear your mind this week?

I try to have mindful minutes each morning. I sit with my thoughts and a cup of tea. I listen to some music whilst getting ready. Your mind is a slave to you. You can train it to be positive or negative. Sometimes we end up being a slave to our mind and feel trapped. You can break this cycle.

Love you lots,

Navaratri: Awaken your Goddess

Navaratri, such a beautiful time of the year when we celebrate the Goddess within. The celebration of Durga.

To me celebrating women is so important. We fill many roles. We don’t just stop being a daughter to become a wife. We don’t just stop being a wife to become a successful career woman. We don’t stop being who we are at each journey of our life.

We embody and adapt. We are Goddesses. Celebrate who you are always.

During this period, meditation, mindfulness, self love is as intrinsical as the prayer itself.

Fasting does not mean you are doing the right thing. Wearing the colours of each day does not mean you are doing the right thing. Building up and empowering a female is. Removing gossip and slander does. Being kind does.

Happy Navaratri!
Pics : anon

My many faces of feeling unwell. Let me begin by saying this is not a sympathy post.

Today on #worldmentalhealthday, I would like to share my journey with you.

I have had many challenges in my life. And many of us do. Some were in my control and some I questioned God’s control.

All of these pics have been taken During Phases of my life were I felt I could not move further. Where I felt I had no strength to even pick up the towel to throw it in. I reached a point where I felt no one would understand how I felt. Having gone through a double tragedy and living away from all family who were grieving can consume you. There were days were my hair was a big ball of knotted mess. Where I repainted my face feeling absolutely ugly. Days where I felt I had nothing to wear after emptying my wardrobe on my bed.

The taste of food had become the same. I had to find my deeper purpose.

When we hide our feelings, we start lying to ourselves that everything is fine. No. It’s not fine. Take a step back and realise it’s not fine. Just because it’s not fine now, does not mean it will not get better.

We all have that seed of strength and the seed of fear within us. We need to feed the seed of strength and let it grow.

When we feed the seed of fear, we become anxious. We apologize for everything. Even when we are not wrong. We doubt our ability and our purpose.

Do not force yourself. Things take time. In the same breath, do not ignore your feelings.

Tips to heal.
1) reach out to someone who you feel safe confiding in. Not someone who will compete or gossip.

2) your mental health is important. If you break your toe, you would seek medical advice and professional help. The same should be for your mind.

3) there is something beautiful in each day find it. From the colours of nature, music, your smile.

4) declutter. When you feel overwhelmed, you hoard and struggle to let go. Then you feel overwhelmed with all the extra things taking up space. Decluttering has an amazing feel good effect.

5) move. Move about. Dance in your room! Even if it is a 10 minutes walk. This gets the endorphins going and is a natural feel good.

6) nutrition. Eat properly and take your vitamins.

7) as Depeche mode sing. ‘ reach out and touch faith’ reach out and feel your faith. Look at the things you had faith in rather than people. People will come and go in our lives.

8 When things in our mind feels overwhelming, write them down. Once you read this back, you will find that they are not as bad as you initially thought.

9) take a few minutes out every couple of hours to take in a few deep breaths. When we feel anxious, our breathing patterns change and we don’t get as much oxygen in as we should.

10) remember that you are incredible. If an 8year old child feels vulnerable and overwhelmed, you would speak kindly to the child and offer a solution, tenderness and patience. Offer the same to you.

All my love. Whatever you do, remember you are not alone. You are not unique nor weird for going through things. You are stronger than you remember. I wish you good mental health and happy days.

It’s ok to not be ok.

If a child confided her problems to you. Would you be unkind? Would you reprimand the child? Would you blame her for being foolish, vulnerable, trusting?

You would offer comfort, love, a hug and speak kindly. You would say ‘it’s ok, you will be ok.’ You would try to offer a solution.

Speak kindly to yourself. Sometimes we trust in people who wear lambs clothing. We invest our time and energy into relationships hoping our partner, friend, family members ‘changes’

You need to take back your strength. When we speak unkindly to ourselves, we are breaking ourselves down in so many ways. Building yourself up therefore seems impossible.

Take some time out each day to remind yourself how amazing you are. Swim in the little and big successes you have had. Speak to your inner child and let him/her know that everything will be ok. That you have faltered but you will be back on track again.

All my love,


Please feel free to share. You never know who may need to read this.

3 Women and 1 Pot

3 ladies carrying 1 pot.

Each of these ladies carries the same pot in 3 different ways. That’s same same with carrying stresses and challenges.

Each one of us carries our stress differently. To others we may look calm and collected. To ourselves we may feel as though the pot is about to slip.

3 women holding the same pot in different ways go about their day doing what they can.

We are all different. Some of us have strengths that the other does not have.

Comparing yourself to someone else is not healthy. You never know what they are going through just because they carry their challenge in a different way to you.

3 women with 3 different strengths. That is what makes us unique. Celebrate your uniqueness and avoid drowning it by comparing it with another.

Love M.

I cannot give credit to this amazing artist as this picture was online anon.


Online dating. Recently I read a post where a relationship coach stated it was more for the money making than the dating.
That could be said for anywhere that we meet someone. A restaurant, a bar, the gym or at work.

Me. Owning my energy.

I met my husband over a decade ago. Our relationship had a rollercoaster experience. Being long distance, saying I need space meant nothing as we had 12 000 miles between us. We loved, we argued, we told little lies, we cried, we broke up, we kissed, we raked up many air miles and finally we got married.
Weather you meet your partner online or bump into them in a supermarket, your communication and actions should be similar.

My husband and I at a wedding in India

In my many years as being a Mystic, I have encouraged many clients to meet their partners online. And helped coach many to eventually have a happy and healthy relationship.

Some tips:
Start as you mean to go on. If you like being held, love romance and spontaneity, be open and mention these things. It’s no use saying ‘ I don’t really care for the thrills’ and months later feel cheated that our partner is not affectionate and spontaneous.
Be authentic and true to your self.
If you enjoy activities like dancing, meeting your friends for a spa day, going for a walk along the beach. Do this. Sometimes we try to fit in and if our new partner asks what we like, we try to assimilate it to what they like. So if we end up spending all our time at the pub with their friends, this is the trend that you are encouraging.
We train people how to treat us.
When we accept and tolerate bad behavior. Spoken roughly to. Not being treated in that extra special way, we are entertaining and subtly saying it’s ok, I accept this bad behavior.
Start as you mean to go on.
Be yourself. There is no need to ‘impress’. You need to feel amazed, excitable and ready for a relationship. So take that time to prepare yourself. You are impressive already. Your uniqueness is there. Just keep going.
Embrace what makes you different and enjoy it.
Even if you are single. Live each day as though you are about to meet the partner of your dreams. If you cannot love and worship yourself, why should anyone else do so?

Depression in lockdown

Mental Health.

So often when the men we love ‘go through something’ we tell them to ‘be strong’, ‘man up’, ‘let it go’ etc.

This is unhealthy. Depression affects both men and women. It is not a dirty disease. It is not a taboo topic.

Depression can affect anyone at any given time. It is important to understand how important you are and to know that there is someone out there available to listen to stand by your side during this period.

If you feel you have
lost your appetite.
Feel irritable and tired.
Have lost the desire for things you once felt a passion for.
Lost your libido.

Take some time out. If you are not ready to open up about your feelings, tell the one you love that you are feeling out of sorts and need a bit of time to understand what you are going through. Reassure them of your feelings. However the way that you feel is so imperative at this point. Understanding and helping yourself heal is the number one thing.

Do not feel guilty for taking this time to work on your thoughts and emotions. Do not feel less of a person for showing through this. Depression has touched everyone at different points in their life. You are not letting anyone down. You need to realise that you have the magic within to heal. Everyone magician needs an assistant and perhaps this is the time to have that person to help you.

You will get through this. One step and one thought at a time.

Love M.

Strawberry Moon & you

Hello Sweethearts,

Hope you are all well and safe and has a great view of the beautiful moon.

The ‘Strawberry Moon’ or ‘Rose moon’ put on a beautiful display this evening and will have a little flutter on our energies.

In ancient times, this moon was significant of harvest time. Strawberries and roses.

In astrology and the spiritual world, this moon will send energies in a swirl. The next few days is a really great time to declutter.

For those of you who have tarot cards, crystals, or pendulums, placing them on a window sill or in view of the moon is recommended.

The moon bathing will be very cleansing and healing, the same way that it will be for you.

How will this moon impact you?

This moon brings with it energies that are positive. They will place impact on your work, studies and professional life.

You will feel a stirring within you to question what you are doing with your professional life. How you can redirect it. Where you can take it. Do not ignore this stirring.

How will this impact your Star sign? Here is a snippet.


This is the time to listen. You are usually very headstrong and can be set in your thinking. This is a time to expand your spiritual awareness and dig deep. Let go of past emotional wounds that take you back to negative thinking. Great energies wll rise within you. Feel it. Embrace it.


This is the time to question why you blindly agree to things and burn out. Awaken your stubbornness at the right times. You are slow to anger but explode at the wrong times. Question your path and do not feel afraid to take that step.


Your relationships, partnerships and friendships will be put to the rest right now. You will need to get into a ‘flight or fight’ mode and make a clear decision. Take small baby steps and do not fear change.


This will be an ideal time to look into your emotional and physical wellness. Do not ignore your health. You may feel you have taken on too much and need to go one day at a time.


This is the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you say you can do it, attempt it. Try something creative to reawaken your fire. Set time aside this weekend to sing, paint or maybe cook. Find your Midas touch once again.


You feel that things have gone from slow motion to a fizzling down. This is a Tim to process things that have been happening and listen to your intuition.


This is the time to balance your scales. Prioritise you time. Time to rest and unwind is equally as important as burning the midnight oil.


You have a star quality about you. Let your voice be heard. Ask for what you deserve. Look into new career pathways. Stay true to yourself.


This is a good time to reconnect your spirit side. To go through a spiritual awakening. Comfort food is good but so is mood boosting foods.


You feel like you need a break. Your mind has been working overtime. Set a timetable to relax. Even reminders on your phone.


This is the time for honesty. Setting boundaries and cutting social ties that no longer work for you. You feel there are bigger issues to deal with snd you are right. But the smaller issues need your attention currently.


Your time to announce your venture is now. Don’t squirrel yourself away. Step up and take charge. Clean out your wardrobe and let go of what once held you back.

Lots of love,

M xx 😘

Anxiety & Mindfulness

Mystic Sisters Mindfulness
Anxiety. What is it? Does it only affect certain people? Does it only affect weaker people? Does it only affect children or women?

Anxiety affects anyone. Anxiety foes not sit there deciding who to choose next. It affects us in such an inexplicable manner. We can feel so superstrong and one emotional thread weaves into our mind and thats it.

We start questioning if we are capable. We feel someone can read our thoughts. We feel like a fraud. We question our abilities and the live our loved ones show us. You are not alone.

The longer we hide our feelings and grow them privately in our mind, we allow anxiety to consume us. To a point we feel nauseous. Feeling to faint. Aggressive. Angry. Reclusive. Trapped. Nothing.

You do have that inner power to place anxiety aside. To understand that you are feeling anxious. To remind yourself you are unique. To enjoy nature and help build your inner glow. Speak to someone happy. Open up. It’s ok to be vulnerable now and again. You are not alone.

Birthday lessons

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes.

My life has really been a roller coast and there have been many times I wanted to laugh and cry and probably do both at the same time!

10 Lessons I learned with each birthday.

  1. Time waits for no man. If you want to do something. Do it now. Procrastinating what your heart desires will only waste time.
  2. Do not settle for less if you have the power to change that. Believe in yourself and get out there.
  3. Life is too short for cheap wine, cheap food and cheap people.
  4. Every year has a new adventure. How you wish to bring it to life is in your hands.
  5. Embrace the moment. That particular moment won’t return. A similar one might. But that one. No.
  6. Happiness does not arrive when you get thinner/ find a partner/ get rich/ have a family etc. happiness lies within you and you need to activate it.
  7. Red wine is great but champagne is ace!
  8. People treat you how you train them to. I train them to treat me like a princess 😉.
  9. We live on borrowed time. We may not get to say a proper goodbye to people so always leave them with a smile.
  10. Dance like Noone is watching because life is the party and you do not want to miss out.

‘Celebrate you! It’s the most important celebration’

Life is too short for cheap wine, cheap behaviour and cheap people.

Embrace every moment.

All my love

M 😘