Card of the day.

Today’s card of the day says take it easy. You may feel so stressed out. Take care with finances. Hang in there. It may feel like no way out, there will be improvements.

In new relationships, don’t force the issue. This card shows delays and a little bit of disappointment. This is not a permanent situation so have faith it will pass.



Mystic Sisters Tarot card

Hello lovelies. Today’s tarot card of the Day is the Sun. It has a special message for you.

Today’s card of the day suggests all positive things! Go out and seize the day. It says sometimes things feel worse than they really are. Do not give into that. Focus on shining like the superstar that you are!

Moonlight Tonight

Woohoo! We have a beautiful moon tonight. Wether you see it as blue/lunar or blood moon, this amazing and rare moon will be sending such amazing energy.

This is the first blue moon of this year. The second being in March.

A few tips to enjoy some of the amazing benefits of this moon.

Take out your crystals and let them reenergise their energy. Leave them outside or on window sill. The beautiful moon will do all the hard work for you by cleansing and reenergising your precious crystals.

Write a letter to yourself outlining what you would like to achieve this year. Be as open and honest with yourself. Speak then out. Tell yourself that you have that power to achieve it. Don’t feel afraid of your abilities and previous disappointments. Open this at the end of the year.

Relook at your plans for this year. If you have made New Years resolutions, check them and be more optimistic about sticking to them. Feel confident that you will be able to awaken your passions.

If you own a deck of tarot cards or angel cards. Do a 3 card reading for yourself. Reenergise your deck. Keep your cards in your windowsill.

Have a fab evening



Too busy 

Recently I have met so many people who say I am ‘too busy’.  To me this does not bode well. 

When we become too busy and find it fashionable to be busy, are we in fact misleading us about our lives? 

Our body and mind matters more than you realize. Take time in the morning to have a cup of tea. To stand outside and breathe in fresh air. To look at old pictures in the evening and remind yourself how many awesome moments and memories you have created. 

Look at your week. Have you made time for you to try something new? Sometimes something new does not need to cost a fortune. Are we comfortable and happy when we find excuses and complaints? 

That 5 minutes you spend on social media, could me 5 minutes you sit down learn a new word or a foreign phrase. 

There is no one with a magic wand waiting to sprinkle fairy dust on you. If you have settled into being a complainer who prefers to be busy doing nothing,  no one can help you. As the saying goes, ‘only a fool would value someone more than that someone values themselves. ‘ 

I ask you. This week be ‘unbusy’ make time to focus on you. Put your social media aside for a bit. Your life is happening whilst you are being busy doing nothing. 

You are ‘busy’ ‘liking’ stuff online whilst the rest of the world is living life offline. 

You have what it takes. Get out there and make it work!!! 

Time to talk

That moment when you feel your head buzzing. You can’t quite think of what you need to think.

You try to rationalize with yourself. Your mind feels torn and you feel in a boxing ring. Your rationale and emotional thoughts having knockout rounds.

You can’t fall asleep. You wake feel tired. Your hair is a mess and having a warm cup of tea is tasteless. You put on that robotic smile and pull on something to wear. It’s clean and pressed so it will do.

Putting on a smile seems so hard. You walk by people, they look so happy. Effortless. You cry within. Your soul feels traumatized. But you need the job. You need the money. You keep telling yourself that. You hate yourself for needing it. But you do.

You go into work.

You function.

You have become someone who is a functional depressive.

You plough through the day. Struggling to hear what people are saying. Trying to focus. Can no one see how you are feeling?

Someone notices you and asks “are you ok?”

You nod. Half smile and reply “I’m ok, had a late night”.

You are functional.

You get on a train. People look in your direction. Some stare. You feel perhaps they can see what you are thinking. You look away and feel a dose of nervousness. Your chest feels weird. You feel impatient.

You need toiletries. You head to the shops.

You function.

You head home. Get into the bed. Shopping in the bag still. You feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. You eat because you have to. You question your existence.

Your mum calls you.

You function.

She asks how you are doing. You reply that you are fine and had a long day.

You lie.

You feel miserable and wonder if anyone cares. Then you tell yourself that you are strong. You feel naked for crying. You go into social media and like a few pictures and posts. You feel like a society reject.

You function.

You are amazing. The fact that you got through the day is enough. Don’t chide yourself.

In the past year on my Facebook live videos I have been banging on about mental health and finding wellness. It’s not a fad. It’s real and it is personal.

You function. But life is more than about functioning , it is about living it and loving it.

It is about you enjoying being you. About having a spring in your step and love ❤️ in your heart.

There is always someone willing to listen. However, if you do not listen to yourself, no one will really listen to you.

It starts with you.

Tips to heal your mind and soul.

You are enough. Understand that.

The past is the past. Accept that.

Everyday is a day to get life in the shape you want it. Feel that.

Friendships are two sided, and it is ok to share. Trust that.

Nothing is set in stone. Believe that.

You have the power within to improve your power on the outside. Search for that.

You are the love you are searching for. Embrace that.

You are valued. You are you, unique, brave and loved.

Whatever feels like the end, is not. Do not give in to it. You are so much and more. Trust it.

What’s up?

Recently, and especially with the festive season, jingle bells et al, a large portion of my clients have been feeling blah. 

That weird feeling, neither here nor there or as my aunt would say not sure ‘whether you are Arthur or Martha!’ We all feel blah. It’s natural. There is a little box within us that want things to feel ideal, smooth, happy. We just sometimes don’t have the energy for it. 

You are happy. You just don’t realise it. As much as you can be sad you can be happy. That darn effort to feel it however just feels like too much. So we end up feeling Blah and can slip into feeling irritable, moody, angry, bitter. Basically as long as we leave it to fester we end up feeling like a bitter complaining cow. 

My steps are easy to kick this blah! 

Make a list of everything you need to get done. Go out to a coffee shop and sit with your list. Fresh air and a change of scenery is bonus points for your soul. 

Don’t procrastinate. Make that date with yourself and plan to meet a friend or someone you love just after. This will give you the incentive to get going! 

Have your vitamin levels checked. With busy lifestyles and when we encounter stress and trauma, our energy levels take a hit. Who knows the Dr might be a hottie, if that fails, your nutrition will thank you later for taking an interest in it. 

Get moving! Dancing, jump parks, dance classes or a good night out with friends. Awaken your adrenaline and let your soul feel on fire. 

Blag it!!! Smile. It becomes contagious. People become more receptive of you and you increase the positive aura around you. Nobody wants to initiate a conversation with a nagging bitter person. 

Apologise! Sometimes we hurt someone’s feelings and we are left with the residue of being a big old meanie. Get it off your chest. Saying sorry won’t kill you. It would actually help delete a few notches of stress. 

Focus on you! Yes, you. Dress up. Look great. Not for anyone but for yourself. If you look like you can’t be bothered with yourself. You then put the question out there. Why should anyone else be bothered with you? You are unique. Embrace it! 

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Everyone is awesome in our own way. We are all diamonds. Some shine brighter because they make a teensy more effort. Stop focusing on fixing the world, your partner, family etc one day a week and put that energy on fixing yourself. 
Don’t kill yourself over a relationship that’s ended. No man nor woman is worth dying for! 

And lastly, be grateful that you are you. Each day, someone out there thinks about you and smiles. They feel grateful for you. Feel grateful for being you.